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A teen Sim can run away from the household in The Sims 2, when the particular teen has negative relationships with the other members of the household, and has few or no other friends. When a teen is preparing to leave, a message will pop up in the upper-right hand corner letting the player know...

7/8/2018 · Chloe is in hospital and is unconscious. Meanwhile, Max takes care of her. The police are looking for the culprit and find him/her too. Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals ...
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Gina is a successful model and actress. Now her agent also wants Gina to become a singer, although she can't even sing. Over time, the dream of success becomes more and more a nightmare.
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I don't have an issue with born in game Sims as they make best friends with their parents while they're still toddlers. I suppose that in order to have a born in game teen run away, the parents would have to pretty much ignore them through their childhood (like don't teach them their toddler skills, don't help children study) and start fighting when the kids are teens.
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Yes, your teen sims can run away on the Sims 2 for PC. How to accomplish this is to make the people in the teen's family be really mean to the teen and get their relationship really low.
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I adopted a child(boy) and i thought he was going to be all adorable but all they gave me is a slob with blond hair dark skin(im not rasist)but anyways he came home and i was mad so i made him a small house and i only put food in there once a week.But i dont know what to do because i dont want him to die and my sims being all sad so i want him to run away forever and never come back P. not ...
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8/15/2007 · Teen sims run away when they have really low relationships with everyone in the house. If you call the police witin 24 hours, they'll be caught and brought home if not, they will eventually come home on their own before they grow up.
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I was playing the Pleasent house and Angelia ran away and she hasn't come back yet.Donald called the police but he had to pay a fine for them coming out when there was no bugulery.I thought you was suppose to call the cops when your child run away in the game.Angelea had a big fight with her mother.
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Yes, your teen sims can run away on the Sims 2 for PC. How to accomplish this is to make the people in the teen's family be really mean to the teen and get their relationship really low.
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8/8/2008 · Best Answer: Answer the phone everytime it rings, at some point within a sim week you should get a call from someone saying "i found your pet do you want it back" then pick yes and in a sim hour or so they should show up with your pet. Sometimes runaways …
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Why do dogs and cats run away? ... I remember seeing somewhere that pets in the sims 2 could run away if something like a house fire broke out, wonder if that’s the same case here. 2. Zeo Posts: 9 New Member. January 2018.
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If I'm not mistaken, a teen sim will run away if their relationship with a family member is too low. Now I wonder how low it should be, because I once tried to make my sim run away , but until the relationship with his parent is -100, he didn't run away.So is it because, for some reason, it's not low enough, or is there some sort of glitch?
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Sims 3 sims place harvested food into their inventory and eat them whenever, I want her to be able to eat whenever. I have played one day and the big challenge with sims 2 is the whole avoiding adults because sims are addicted to greeting each other and conversing over food.
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11/10/2017 · The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs allows your sims to live through all the moments of owning a furry companion. Your cats and dogs can run sometimes away.
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7/23/2014 · A decade after its release, Electronic Arts is giving away The Sims 2 for free through Origin--along with every single expansion and stuff pack ever released. EA recently announced it would end ...